WWI Exhibits

The Landings


On 25 April 1915, Australian soldiers landed at what is now called Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula. For the vast majority of the 16,000...

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Periscope Rifle

Gallipoli Inventors: The Periscope Rifle

The periscope rifle was an ingenious Anzac device, improvised from the need for soldiers to find a way to snipe at the Turkish enemy, a short...

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Drip Rifle

Gallipoli: The Evacuation

More than 8,700 Australians lost their lives over the eight month campaign, with more than 2,000 on the first day alone. On 7 December 1915, the...

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Map of Western Front

Western Front

The main theatre of fighting in World War I was the Western Front, a meandering line which ran from the Swiss border in the south to the North Sea.

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