Slouch hat

Origin of the Slouch Hat

The slouch hat is an object strongly associated with Australian identity. The word ‘slouch’ refers to the sloping brim. The brim is made...

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The puggaree

The Puggaree

The term ‘puggaree’ originates from the Hindi word, ‘Pagri,’ meaning a turban or thin scarf of muslin. Intended for...

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Emu plume

The Emu Plume

Slouch hats worn by members of the Armoured Corps are adorned with Emu plumes, a tradition that originated with the Queensland Mounted Infantry...

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The catafalque party

Catafalque Party

A catafalque is a raised structure supporting a stand that usually holds a coffin to allow mourners to file past and pay their last respects. A watch...

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