Defence Work Experience Program

The Work Experience Placement Agreement is the agreement between Defence, your school or educational Institution, your parent or guardian (if you are under 18 years) and you.

The Army Museum of South Australia conducts a one week program, usually in late June, for two to three candidates. The placement occurs at the Museum’s location at Keswick Barracks. Students interested in attending his activity should go through their school’s Careers Counsellor.

The Work Experience Placement Agreement:

  • outlines the details of the work experience placement;
  • ensures that all those involved have approved and signed for your participation in the placement;
  • collects key information about you; and
  • identifies the conditions of participation associated with your placement.

What it will bring you

Information including details of what to bring to your work experience placement will be provided to you with your signed Work Experience Placement Agreement which includes Joining Instructions.

What about lunch?

You should bring your own lunch and refreshments as Defence sites are often some distance from a shop. In certain cases, you may be able to eat at a Defence Mess, however you can only do so if this is included in your work experience placement agreement.

What can I wear?

Students are advised to wear practical comfortable clothing, with closed-in footwear. Where it is required, Defence will provide protective clothing to students, excluding footwear. Students are not to wear clothing that resembles an Australian Defence Force uniform while taking part in a work experience placement. Any additional clothing requirements will be detailed in the information provided with your agreement.

What do I do on the first day?

You will be provided with information on what time to meet and where to go on the first day, either in your Work Experience Placement Agreement or Joining Instruction.

How do I get there?

You will need to organise and meet any costs associated with your travel to and from the location of the work experience placement. These arrangements also apply to out of area participants.

Schools and other education institutions may choose to provide transport for you. You should ask your Work Experience Coordinator/Careers Advisor about travel arrangements. 

Do I get to pick what I do?

You can apply to participate in any of the work experience placement options available on the Defence Work Experience website under 'Placement'. You may apply for more than one placement.

If you would like to participate in work experience at the Army Museum of South Australia, please contact Paul Nenasheff at