School Education Programs

The School Education Program is based on the Year 9 curriculum guides for WWI studies but can be adapted to suit Years 6-11.  The Program’s aim is to give students enjoyable, educational activities which:

  • are activity based
  • will give the students a feeling of a soldier’s daily experience
  • encourage students to think, reason and discover
  • incorporate cross curriculum activities which include science, history, language, maths, technology and drama
  • will leave the students with a broader historical understanding of the role of the Australian soldier
  • could lead to further research and activities at school if the teacher wishes to extend the experience

Whilst the basis of the program centres on WWI, the activities extend through WWII and Vietnam and shows the development of equipment, rations and weapons as well as ongoing history of Australia's involvement in military conflicts.

For further detailed information please see the options below.

  • Structure of the day
  • Other program options
  • Where are we located
  • Fees payable
  • Contact for information and bookings
  • Administration on the day
  • Follow up activities

Structure of the Day

The Year 6-11 program consists of 4 x 40 minute activities. The class is split into 4 groups which rotate through the 4 activities.

Timings are adjusted depending upon arrival and departure times. Generally a 9:30am-10:00am start with a 2:00pm finish suits most classes.

The day is divided into:-

  • A short introduction session
  • First activity
  • Break
  • Second and third activity
  • Lunch
  • Final activity

We require a teacher or adult helper to accompany each group.

Other program options

Junior and Senior workbooks are available for classes which have restricted time or wish to combine a visit to the Army Museum with another activity in the city or nearby. This consists of guided tour which enables students to ‘find’ answers to questions in the workbooks. This type of activity exposes the student to the whole museum environment including inter-active exhibits.

Tailored programs for Years 4-11 to suit individual teacher’s needs or timings are also available. For further information please contact our education co-ordinators on 0438 875 900 to assist in developing a program suitable for your class.

Where are we located?

The Army Museum of SA is located within the Keswick Army Barracks on Anzac Highway, Gate 4, Bus stop 2. The museum is on the right as you enter the Barracks. One of our schools team will meet and direct you once you enter the Barracks.

 Ample parking inside the Barracks is available for cars or buses, and access can also be obtained by catching the Seaford line train and alighting at the Showgrounds station.

 We are accessible by both bus and train 

Fees payable

A standard one day, four activity program is $7 per student. The shorter work book activity is $5 per student. There is no charge for teachers or adult helpers.

 An invoice which can be paid by EFT or cheque will be emailed to the appropriate teacher based on the number of students attending.


We are a Not for Profit organisation, tax exempt and therefore do not charge GST.

Contact information, or to make a booking

To make enquiries or request a booking please contact our Functions and Education Programs Manager, Nick Meredith, on 0438 875 900, who will discuss options and convenient dates with you. Alternatively, he will arrange for an educational co-ordinator to contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

 The Museum is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11.00am-2.00pm and on Sundays from 12.00noon-4.00pm. Teachers are very welcome to visit the Museum to assess its suitability in relation to your educational requirements.

Administration on the day

Maximum group size is 32 students per day, but our educational co-ordinators are happy to discuss options for larger or smaller groups, for example, if your class has under 22 students they can be divided into 3 groups, but will still complete the 4 activities.

An outdoor area with seating is used for breaks and lunch and a wet weather alternative is also available.  We provide a secure area for students possessions and washroom facilities are located nearby.

Please remember that we require a teacher or adult helper with each group.


Students will need to bring:

  • a folder and a pen or pencil
  • their own food and drink as there are no facilities to purchase same within the Barracks

Follow up activities

Classes participating in the one day, four activity program, will take a number of resources with them that can lead to research, extension work and sharing of experiences in either class or small group situations.

Teachers have the option of using these resources for follow up work.

Each student will take from the ‘Missing Persons’ activity a summary of the service person they are allotted. This will also have 4 or 5 questions, related to their ‘Missing Person’ story which they can research, think about and share with others.

Whilst at the museum each group will be supplied with a camera for taking photos of their activities.

Shortly after the activity a USB stick containing the following will be posted to the teacher:

  •  The class photos downloaded from the cameras.
  •  A copy of the full stories from the ‘Missing Persons’ activity
  • The scripts for 4 x one act plays. The plays are simple to put on and require little or no props. They bring up a number of social consequences about a soldier going to war which can lead to good post play discussion